Kings of Great Street

Story So Far


The blissful peace of your childhood is gone.
You are all here for your own reasons but you all share the drive to seek companionship in the dark days ahead.
You are not gentle people, as your world has grown harsher so too has your own strength. However standing outside the large wrought-Iron gates of the Road Brothers House you begin to feel rather small. They tower above you, flanked by a large wall upon which various armed guards standing ready. Everything about this place screams efficiency and power. Intimidating would be putting it lightly.
It was a long trek from the recruitment office in the capital out to this famous fortress and you, along with your new companions are bone tired. They forced you all to conduct some basic training on the long road here. But now you have arrived, tired and hungry.
Nevertheless a small buzz of excitement builds up within you, tomorrow your group faces it’s first test. Your very own assignment.
How well will you perform?


peter_c_t_hyder peter_c_t_hyder

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