How the Campaign will work

This campaign will play out slightly differently to what you may be used to.

There will be an overarching story-line but instead of this being played out in a series of encounters taking you through a linear path, the Player’s will interact with the world via their Guild; The Road Brothers.

Players will sometimes be presented with a choice of which ‘jobs’ they will take (assignments). These can vary in terms of how many individuals are needed to complete them. In theory this means that players and sessions can potentially be a lot more fluid than we are used to, and the only limit in terms of content is my own writing ability.

Regular players will find their characters growing richer and stronger, which will have effects within the game world. The main story-line will be shown through hints, clues and knowledge gained while on assignments. Occasionally there will be a more focused story-line assignment.

Anyway have fun!

How the Campaign will work

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