Kings of Great Street

A minor Dispute..
Sorry for being late!


Four new initiates to the Road Brothers found themselves tasked with a new and different type of assignment – that of settling a dispute between two villages within the King’s lands.
Taking advantage of their new ranks the new recruits geared up with some small weapon’s purchases before heading out into the wilderness.
Nearing the village the group was ambushed by a group of armed men who took their toll on the adventurers. A young Monk started to show his ruthlessness in combat alongside the stubborn brutality of the metal Warforged. The only human of the group tried his best to avoid conflict but their enemies seemed intent on causing harm and so was forced to join the fray. The Draconic bow wielder carried on plucking enemies from life at a distance much like other, more gentle individuals would button up a shirt..
When the last of their assailants fell they discovered a tattered and bloody Road Brothers coat alongside a parchment seeming to call for the deaths of members of the Guild..
Reaching the Inn indicated by both parties as a meeting point for negotiations to begin the group finds that representatives from both villages have already arrived. The larger but ill fated village of Little Creek seems to be open to negotiations whereas the representatives from recently wealthy Bromsburgh seem to be trying to make things difficult.
(I might write-up this bit more at a later date)..
After negotiations seem to reach a positive outcome the leader of Bromsburgh Elder Iain and his head of militia Richard leave the Tavern, seemingly to discuss the offer. They are followed by a suspicious Monk who finds a large group of armed men converging on the Tavern from all sides. A fast and vicious fight ensues with a Monk’s rage obliterating the enemy ranks. The valiant Human warrior steps up to execute the treacherous Richard while Dragonkind and Warforged stand resolute in the face of overwhelming assault.
We leave as the survivors recover, eyeing the horizon with vengeance on their minds…..

From Humble Beginnings
26/08/2016 - Session 1


Our adventure started with the random teleportation of several magic users from the Forgotten Realms to within the Gift.
These individuals were abducted by a group of human slavers whilst still reeling from the effects of their magical travel. Luckily for them a group of mercenaries from the Road Brothers Guild had been tracking the group of criminals. They set upon them shortly before dawn, freeing their prisoners and killing or capturing the rest.
After it became clear that the magic users were not from this world, they were invited to join the Guild for the safety the organisation could give them. Apparently they were not the first people from another world to come into their ranks this way..
When they joined the recruitment pool they were assigned another group of natives to combine into a small ‘trainee’ section. They were given some basic training (and not a little amount of information about their new home) before being sent to the Road Brother’s fortress of Blackrock.
Upon reaching Blackrock Rafe Longstride, the Master of Arms, issued their group with a test assignment for the next day as well as some basic equipment to use. An old veteran of the Guild was to accompany them to lead, and judge their performance. Their task; track down, scout out and if possible stop a Greenskin raiding party heading into Crown lands.
After some initial discussion the group travelled north and then east across the great lake, making excellent time due to the resources of the Guild. Upon reaching the far shore they spotted a smoke plume in the horizon and some early refugees from the area. They learned that the lands were no longer safe, raiding, war and attacks from dark creatures had become all too common.
They quickly picked up the trail of the raiding party, noticing that it was headed straight towards a known farming hamlet. Moving all speed ahead with the veteran Road Brother leading the way the group fell into an ambush amongst the trees of a small forest. Three Giant spiders struck from the sides of the path and quickly reduced the Brother to a state of helplessness.
Despite a magical mishap that knocked a certain young Monk off his feet, the untried group managed to successfully overcome the Spiders and rescue the Brother from certain death. He was in no state to fight however and so bade them continue on with the mission while he watched from the sidelines.
Unfortunately the group had to take time recovering after their encounter with the eight legged enemies and so by the time they reached the hamlet, the worst was already over. Human bodies lay scattered among the houses where the first licks of flame could be seen among the rafters. Goblins were still to be seen, searching through the remains.
The group decided to silently approach the raid from it’s blind spot, catching a lone Goblin off guard and dispatching him without raising the alarm. Luring the closest Goblins into the house (with the severed arm of their erstwhile comrade) meant a quick butchering of their immediate threat. Magic, arrows and weapons caused massive destruction until the village was emptied of the Greenskin threat. The group was starting to work together to outflank enemies, create diversions and help each other out.
When the fighting was over a small woman who had suffered a mortal blow begged the adventurers to save her children. The Raiders had taken them into the forest along with all things of value from the village. As one they hefted their gore covered tools and set out to finish what they had started. One can only assume it was the protection of the children that spurred them on so, rather than the promise of potential wealth…
Perhaps it was overconfidence in their earlier success that caused Bo Yijin to ruin their surprise. Or perhaps it was purely bad luck. Either way after alerting the Greenskins to their presence the group reacted quickly. They split up, most coming around a large rock to strike the Goblin line as they charged head-on while others snuck through the underbrush to strike the unprotected flank. Arrows flew straight and true from their ranger; Vin to topple Goblins left and right. A furious (or purely embarassed?) Monk headbutted corpses even after a mortal blow had been struck. Soldiers, rogues and clerics fought tooth and claw to put their enemy in the ground while a Warforged decided to fall over a rock. Despite some mistakes, the group easily triumphed once again. They emerged, battered and bruised to stand victorious once again.
Unfortunately, once again they arrived too late. The sorry pile of small bodies that greeted them was spared hardly a glance as they quickly pocketed the handful of coins raided from the village.
Returning in haste to Blackrock they were greeted with enthusiasm. They achieved the highest grading possible and reaped the rewards to suit. As fully fledged members of the guild they now have the right to wear the badge and take on assignments at will. But will they survive the days to come?

A note on Character Creation


While I want to leave your creations as much room for creativity as possible, please bear the following in mind to try and increase our overall enjoyment.

This is a slightly more serious delve into table top rpging, while I’m sure you will all manage to create wonderfully hysterical situations the world, events and characters will for the most part not be purely for comedic effect but rather thought-out with a place in the world.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a game about min-maxing, but I would quite like to flex my story writing gloves.

So on that note please follow these guidelines on character creation:

1.Avoid goofiness and/or broken characters (A fighter with strength 2 for instance).

2.Do not roll for money or buy any equipment. You will be wearing clothing and have your random item but those are all of your earthly possessions.
3. You are joining a guild that is effectively a cross between road-guards and witchers/Kings men. You will be taking on jobs from this organisation and at least to begin with have no intentions for leaving it.
4. This is a light-dystopian setting.
5. You can be any race, but be advised the dominant race you will see most at the beginning are Humans, and they are extremely racist towards all others. Players from other races could be an interesting dynamic.
6. Have fun with it!

Feel free to state your nation of origin within the D&D Universe, but your character will never have seen it. The world this is set in (The Gift) was separated from the D&D Universe generations ago.

Story So Far

The blissful peace of your childhood is gone.
You are all here for your own reasons but you all share the drive to seek companionship in the dark days ahead.
You are not gentle people, as your world has grown harsher so too has your own strength. However standing outside the large wrought-Iron gates of the Road Brothers House you begin to feel rather small. They tower above you, flanked by a large wall upon which various armed guards standing ready. Everything about this place screams efficiency and power. Intimidating would be putting it lightly.
It was a long trek from the recruitment office in the capital out to this famous fortress and you, along with your new companions are bone tired. They forced you all to conduct some basic training on the long road here. But now you have arrived, tired and hungry.
Nevertheless a small buzz of excitement builds up within you, tomorrow your group faces it’s first test. Your very own assignment.
How well will you perform?


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