Kings of Great Street

A minor Dispute..

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Four new initiates to the Road Brothers found themselves tasked with a new and different type of assignment – that of settling a dispute between two villages within the King’s lands.
Taking advantage of their new ranks the new recruits geared up with some small weapon’s purchases before heading out into the wilderness.
Nearing the village the group was ambushed by a group of armed men who took their toll on the adventurers. A young Monk started to show his ruthlessness in combat alongside the stubborn brutality of the metal Warforged. The only human of the group tried his best to avoid conflict but their enemies seemed intent on causing harm and so was forced to join the fray. The Draconic bow wielder carried on plucking enemies from life at a distance much like other, more gentle individuals would button up a shirt..
When the last of their assailants fell they discovered a tattered and bloody Road Brothers coat alongside a parchment seeming to call for the deaths of members of the Guild..
Reaching the Inn indicated by both parties as a meeting point for negotiations to begin the group finds that representatives from both villages have already arrived. The larger but ill fated village of Little Creek seems to be open to negotiations whereas the representatives from recently wealthy Bromsburgh seem to be trying to make things difficult.
(I might write-up this bit more at a later date)..
After negotiations seem to reach a positive outcome the leader of Bromsburgh Elder Iain and his head of militia Richard leave the Tavern, seemingly to discuss the offer. They are followed by a suspicious Monk who finds a large group of armed men converging on the Tavern from all sides. A fast and vicious fight ensues with a Monk’s rage obliterating the enemy ranks. The valiant Human warrior steps up to execute the treacherous Richard while Dragonkind and Warforged stand resolute in the face of overwhelming assault.
We leave as the survivors recover, eyeing the horizon with vengeance on their minds…..


peter_c_t_hyder peter_c_t_hyder

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