Kings of Great Street

A note on Character Creation


While I want to leave your creations as much room for creativity as possible, please bear the following in mind to try and increase our overall enjoyment.

This is a slightly more serious delve into table top rpging, while I’m sure you will all manage to create wonderfully hysterical situations the world, events and characters will for the most part not be purely for comedic effect but rather thought-out with a place in the world.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a game about min-maxing, but I would quite like to flex my story writing gloves.

So on that note please follow these guidelines on character creation:

1.Avoid goofiness and/or broken characters (A fighter with strength 2 for instance).

2.Do not roll for money or buy any equipment. You will be wearing clothing and have your random item but those are all of your earthly possessions.
3. You are joining a guild that is effectively a cross between road-guards and witchers/Kings men. You will be taking on jobs from this organisation and at least to begin with have no intentions for leaving it.
4. This is a light-dystopian setting.
5. You can be any race, but be advised the dominant race you will see most at the beginning are Humans, and they are extremely racist towards all others. Players from other races could be an interesting dynamic.
6. Have fun with it!

Feel free to state your nation of origin within the D&D Universe, but your character will never have seen it. The world this is set in (The Gift) was separated from the D&D Universe generations ago.


peter_c_t_hyder peter_c_t_hyder

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